Metex Signature Collection

Signature Collection » Angled


Its modular structure facilitates the application. Its dense texture surface reinforces its strength. It is very suitable for modern buildings.


Masso was manufactured to emphasize a strong construction. Its angled and bulky structure and rough chiseled surface are very suitable for this purpose. It is reminiscent of the strong walls of solid castles. It is manufactured in 6 basic colors.


Tabula perfectly reflects the traditional historical texture. It is one of the most common forms used in ancient stone buildings. It gives very successful results in jointing method. It can be mixed with many other stones very well.


It has strong and sharp contours just as is implied by its name. Its elaborately shaped pattern carries with itself traces of ancient stonemasons. It symbolizes robustness and permanence.


Its modular structure allows for ease of installation. Although designed for jointless installation, it is also suitable for installation with joints. Its slightly chiseled edges bear the marks of stonemasons.

Signature Collection » Irregular


With its dense surface pattern creating a sand stone texture and its uneven geometry, it is a unique product. Either installed with joints or as dry stack walls, it delivers a completely different appearance. It is manufactured in 6 different colors.


Rupe eliminates monotony with airs of Atlas, Masso and Cappadocia. Rupe may create the effect of stones collected from around to be used in construction of a country house. It is manufactured in 6 different colors.


Its huge, rough and uneven structure is by its nature. None of them resembles one another as if each of them embodies a secret. They can be blended very well with many other stones.


Differentiated from the like in the mountains, it reflects the texture of stones shaped in the rivers. Its smooth contours are ideal for buildings embraced by the nature. It’s a good choice for garden walls and enclosure walls around pools.


It calls to mind traditional buildings of Aegean shores. Thanks to its delicately textured surface, it can be easily used in any building. It can be blended with our brick series called Ferrera, Roman and Troy. It is manufactured in 4 different colors.

Signature Collection » Slate


Cappadocia is intense and large slate stone structure. Produced in six colors.


Delicate stone slates can be used in a wide range of areas. It is not only harmonious with modern designs, but also traditional applications. It can be installed either with joints or in the form of stacked walls. It is manufactured in 6 primary colors.


It is in the form of huge slates filed and shaped by rivers and streams. It helps carrying the soul of rivers to buildings. It is manufactured in 3 different colors.

Grand Canyon

Being in the form of big and deep-textured slates, Grand Canyon, bears marks of stones and rocks formed over thousands of years in deep and steep canyons. It seems as if it emphasizes the harsh and severe face of the nature.


Inka slates have smooth lines which compliment modern designs with an ancient pattern. It can be installed either with joints or in the form of stacked walls. It is manufactured in 4 unique colors.

Signature Collection » Modular


It is in the form of stack walls of elaborately and meticulously shaped fine slates. Its modularity allows for ease of installation. It is manufactured in 5 different colors.


It is designed for users looking for a more practical solution for slate application. It is easy to use because it is modular. It is produced in 3 different colors.


Modular stone in several colours.


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Signature Collection » Mix


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Monte Bello

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Signature Collection » Brick

Granulbrick 20-30

Rural areas are impressive places with their meadows, haycocks, ponds and willows, multiple colors, and scenery. Granulbrick 20-30 was created to deliver this atmosphere. It is manufactured in 8 different colors.


Ferrara is probably where bricks were most commonly used in Italy in the past. Brick buildings constructed in 14th and 15th centuries are very well-preserved. Our Ferrara product was also manufactured to reflect the historical texture of this city. Its slim and long structure is unique to Ferrera city.

Granulbrick 50

Brick-making holds a very important place in Dutch traditions. Rivers spiraling down are surrounded by kiln-fired brick sets which are perfect construction materials. This old Dutch tradition is now carried on through Granulbrick 50 with its optimum durability and stability characteristics.     


With its 8 mm thickness, Slimfix is the slimmest member of our Urbanbrick brick series. A modern touch to traditional brick. A suitable choice for narrow spaces and store windows. It is manufactured in 11 colors.


Reminiscent of ancient Rome buildings, Terra reflects the mysterious spirit of history on the venues. Due to its slim and long structure, it makes a difference compared to standard brick sizes. It can be perfectly mixed with many models in our stone series. It is manufactured in 3 different colors.


Roman is an adaptation of brick, a construction material commonly used in ancient Rome buildings, into the modern texture. It is preferred in modern practices due to its smooth edges and elegant texture. It is manufactured in 5 different colors.


Our densely-textured classic brick model. It can also be used as a detail element in window ledges. It is a very suitable choice for areas such as fireplaces and wine cellars. It is manufactured in 8 different colors.

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