Split-face & Ledger Panels

Split-face Wall Cladding

Split-face Wall Cladding

The Split-Face stone is a unique and elegant solution to interior decor and outdoor hardscaping. The hammered uneven surface of the tiles showcases the beauty of travertine’s naturally occurring variations and vein deposits, providing an impressive visual of texture and color, that enhances any room or outdoor space.

Split-face Corners

Split-face Corners

Ledger Panels

Leger Panels

Ledger panels install quickly and efficiently creating a beautiful dry stacked stone veneer. Stone Veneer panels are available in both FLAT Interlocking Stepped panels and CORNER “L” Interlocking panels for 90 degree outside corners. The flats are sold by the 6 inch x 24 inch (1 square foot) panel in boxes (quantity per box varies depending on the color). Corners are sold by the “L” corner panel and come in a few different sizes depending on the color. The most popular size corner is shown below. Each corner will have a short side and a long side and are 6 inches in height.

Ledger Panel Corners

Leger Panel Corners

Thin Brick

Natural Stone Bricks

Thin brick is a lightweight solution that adds character to any building by creating an exposed brick wall. Timeless and yet modern, exposed brick walls are popular in modern interior design. 

Ideal for the kitchen, living room, bathroom, outdoor patio, and feature walls.

Natural Wall Tiles

Wall Tiles

Wall Plating Stones

Wall Plating Stones

Travertine Wall Tiles


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